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Sims 2 & 3 Archives

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Downloads - Sims 2
Pets - Cats Pt1 // Cats Pt2 & Large Dogs Pt2 // Large Dogs Pt1 // Small Dogs Pt1 // More Pets: 11 Cats, 7 Large Dogs & 12 Small Dogs // Westhaven - Gen02 Pets

Sims - 8 Kidlets // 14 Kjalarr Legacy Spawn // Ugry Ugries - The Full Ugry // Founders & Misc. for pixel_trade
// 7 Cloudfreaks & 7 Groovenik Spawn // Suntoes Spawn // 23 Kjalarr Spares // TPBM - 4 'Aliens' and TPBM - 2 More 'Aliens' // TPBM - 2 Alien Pretty Boys // TPBM - 4 Alien Teens for pixel_trade // 26 Aliens for pixel_trade's TPBM Alien Phase 2

Downloads - Sims 3:
Sims - HTNLegacy Pt1 // HTNLegacy Pt2 // HTNLegacy Pt3 // The Bottlefish Experiment // Founders // TPBM - Alien Edition & TPBM - Alien Teens for pixel_trade

The Sims 2

The Chempound Legacy Round Robin (pixel_trade Edition)
12.0 // 12.1 // 12.2

The Westhaven Prosperity (pixel_trade Edition)
Week 0 - The Introduction

Biblical Norse and the Viking Death Squad (pixel_trade VDSLegacy)

The Cloudfreak Prosperity (pixel_trade) (discontinued due to hood corruption)
Week 1: Groovenik // Suntoes

Viking Death Squad (pixel_trade) - The Kjalarr Legacy (Discontinued due to lack of interest and hood corruption)
1.0 // 1.1 // 1.2
2.0a // 2.0b // 2.1 // 2.2 // 2.3 // 2.4
3.0a // 3.0b // 3.1 // 3.2

Westhaven - A Superhero Themed Prosperity (Discontinued due to loss of saves)
Round 0 - Introduction & Resource Post
Round 1 (M-Th) - Stone // Night // Fauntleroy // Tanaka // Bellamy // Graves 1.1 // Graves 1.2 // Graves 2 // Graves 3 // Graves 4
Round 2 (F-Su) - Stone // Night // Fauntleroy // Tanaka // Bellamy // Graves 1 - Go // Graves 2 // Graves 3 // Graves 4
Round 3 (M-Su) - Fauntleroy // Tanaka // Bellamy // Graves 1-Go // Graves 2.1 // Graves 2.2 // Graves 3 // Graves 4 // College
Round 4 (M-Su) - Stone // Night-Centowski // Fauntleroy // Tanaka-Bertino // Bellamy // Go (Graves 1) // Livingston-McCullough-Bigfoot (Graves 2) // Graves 3 // Graves 4 // Cormier // Harris // Kratz // Jayapalan // Raymond // Roomies // College B/C

The Sims 3

The McSmith Legacy
2.0 (Kennedy) // 2.1 (Clyde) // 2.2 // 2.3

Viking Death Squad (pixel_trade) - AVDSLegacy 1.0-4.1 (Discontinued due to loss of Save)
1.00 // 1.01 // 1.02 // 1.03 // 1.04 // 1.05 // 1.06
2.00 // 2.01 // 2.02 // 2.03 // 2.04 // 2.05
3.00 // 3.01 // 3.02 // 3.03 // 3.04 // 3.05
4.00 // 4.01

Time...is on my side.

Yes it is.

So it's been quite a while. I'll do a brief quick hits. I'm not really playing sims 2 or 3 though I want to get back into the swing. Things that have happened in brief.

TMI TimeCollapse )


More TS3 Pets

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This time only CAS.

So yes, yes you can successfully breed big and little dogs together. *rejoices*


Sometimes you might not like the results.

Just sayin'Collapse )


More TS3 Pets spam

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Here's one of the creepy eyeless horses hanging out with a bald Tuesday as she steals her neighbors vegetables.

Sup - 9 more horse picturesCollapse )


TS3 - Tuesday Moore

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My husband picked up Pets for me. This is mostly spam of the new sims I'm sharing, but there's a little puppy love in there.

Tuesday Moore - Seeking a Place in your gameCollapse )

Chempound Round Robin Heir Poll

Poll #1770081 Chempound Round Robin Generation 12

Who Will Be Our Heir for Generation 13?


So with all the problems with LJ lately and my own personal issues I decided it was time to do things ass-backwards! So here's the heir poll and while you guys vote based on looks and personality I'll steadily put up the last three entries in my turn. The Poll will shut down on Sunday.

Because realistically most people just run to the heir poll so they can click that addictive ticky clicky. TICKY CLICKIES!

I apologize for being ass-backwards, but I don't want to force the next person to have to wait until I finish posting and then another week for the poll results. <.< *guilty guilty*

Which of our four candidates do you choose?Collapse )

Chempound Round Robin 12.1

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Round Founder by ace_kay
Spouse by jens_sims

Cameos by thegranddewru & pixelcurious.

I apologize for the randomness of this post in advance. Now let's get this round robin rolling!

And then madness descended - 75 jpegsCollapse )


TMI - Fetuses

I'll get this out here now because I know I've mentioned it to a couple of people and I'd hate to have to have awkward/accidentally painful conversations in a few months.

I was about 9-10 weeks pregnant and I found out last Tuesday that I was losing the sprog. The fetus/zygote had stopped developing weeks before so that's easier on my mind, but I've spent the last six days slowly finishing the miscarrying process.

So I'm sorry for the TMI post and I'll see you guys in a week or two when I've had time to get better and, well, get used to the new situation. I'm okay, my partner and I are a bit sad, but we've been reassured there was absolutely nothing we could have done, or did wrong, that would have changed what happened and that makes it easier.
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So this is the first entry for my turn on the Chempound Round Robin being run by verocchio. Info found Here I got the awesome Acetylene from the lovely ace_kay as my turns founder. :D

Featuring sims by: ace_kay, gembembaby, jens_sims, bondchick_nett and kathsy.

Generation 12: The Workaholic
Your sim has a lot of dreams, in addition to topping their career, they want to max every skill!

And that is my generational challenge. :D Which is one of my favorite things to do in the sims (why yes, yes I am quite boring).

70 pictures and a whole lot of babiesCollapse )
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So rather than just kick them out I let Kennedy and Clyde (the losers) find love and start families, which means that generation two is shaping up to be roughly five entries long.

So here is part 1: Kennedy's Story with a side of Clyde

Generation 1 Spouse: Laquan rhiannon_alexis

Featuring sims by: simhop

70 jpegs for your amusementCollapse )


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So with Generations having come out and EA releasing both the memory system and the ability to manually change life stages without buying it I decided to give the game another whirl (since I never even played with Late Night I just sheeple bought it and then ignored the game).

'Sides I have to see if I like it enough to warrant buying Generations and Pets at the end of the year. <.<

Spouse by rhiannon_alexis.

Note: Since I don't have generations I made childhood go obscenely fast and not all my pictures saved properly. So I apologize in advance for the erratic nature of this first update...

Babylon Jack McSmith versus the Overgrown Stick - 64 jpegsCollapse )


100 Books in a Year

1. Read 100 books or more in 2011.
2. Keep track of how many I read.
3. First time reads only.
4. Leave the entry public. If you want to recommend any of your favorites to me, please do so in the comments.

If people do want to recommend some books to me I'd love that! I like Science Fiction (soft psychological, space opera, superhero or cyberpunk), Fantasy (high, low, wacky), Paranormal (more horror/urban fantasy/dark less straight up horror) and Mysteries (just about any kind). I also enjoy Children/YA books especially ones more ground in fantasy/scifi/paranormal/spy/superhero/mystery than reality/slice-of-life. Anything retelling fairy tales, mythology, legends or nursery rhymes, and Gothic/Edwardian/Victorian literature is also fantastic.

For non-fiction I like mythology, fairy tales, legends and so forth and am interested in finding more sites/links recommendations for African, South American and Asian (non Japanese or Chinese) mythology and fairy tales.

I'm not especially fond of straight romance or erotica unless it's got genre (science fiction, fantasy, paranormal or mystery) elements to it. I don't mind and enjoy romantic or erotic elements in my normal (age appropriate) reading. I don't think that romance should be excluded in a book, even a genre one I just don't want it to be 350 pages of badly written softcore porn and 50 pages of detecting or hunting down the vampire.

Also I love anything that has LGBTQ or Asexual characters in it and people of color/other ethnic groups than white. Really I just like writing that doesn't fall into classic stereotypes that would be ridiculous or offensive by modern standards that are in a modern book. An Edwardian or Victorian book I'll wince and work past the amazing amounts of racism and only give myself a mild concussion slamming my head into the wall. I promise.

01. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories - Washington Irving
02. The Vampyre and Other Tales of the Macabre - Anthology
03. Madam Crowl's Ghost & Other Stories - Sheridan Le Fanu
04. The King in Yellow - Robert W. Chambers
05. The Casebook of Carnacki the Ghost Finder - W.H. Hodgson
06. Aylmer Vance: Ghost-Seer - Alice & Claude Askew
07. Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson
08. From the Earth to the Moon - Jules Verne
09. Captains Courageous - Rudyard Kipling
10. Dracula - Bram Stoker
11. Lair of the White Worm - Bram Stoker
12. Jewel of the Seven Stars - Bram Stoker
13. Lady of the Shroud - Bram Stoker
14. Eloise - Catherine Jinks
15. Half Moon Investigations - Eoin Colfer
16. S.T.O.R.M. The Viper Club - E.L. Young
17. Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allen Crow - James Howe
18. Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles 01 The Nixie's Song - Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
19. Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles 02 A Giant Problem - Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
20. Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles 03 The Wyrm King - Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
21. Cirque du Freak - Darren Shan
22. The Vampire's Assistant - Darren Shan
23. Tunnels of Blood - Darren Shan
24. Vampire Mountain - Darren Shan
25. Trials of Death - Darren Shan
36. The Vampire Princes - Darren Shan
37. The Flight of the Phoenix - R.L. LaFevers
38. Evil Genius - Catherine Jinks
39. The Basilisk's Lair - R.L. LaFevers
40. The Wyverns' Treasure - R.L. LaFevers
41. The Unicorn's Tale - R.L. LaFevers
42. Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake - Jennifer Allison
43. More Two-Minute Mysteries - Donald J. Sobol
44. Still More Two-Minute Mysteries - Donald J. Sobol
45. Genius Squad - Catherine Jinks
46. Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos - R.L. LaFevers
47. Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris - R.L. LaFevers
48. Genius Wars - Catherine Jinks
49. Gilda Joyce: The Ghost Sonata - Jennifer Allison
50. Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus - R.L. LaFevers
51. The Wist List - Eoin Colfer
52. N.E.R.D.S. - Michael Buckley
53. M is for Mama's Boy - Michael Buckley
54. Theodosia and the Last Pharaoh - R.L. LaFevers
55. The Supernaturalist - Eoin Colfer
56. The Hunters of the Dusk - Darren Shan
57. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain
58. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain
59. Tom Sawyer Abroad - Mark Twain
60. Tom Sawyer Detective - Mark Twain
61. Dracula's Guest and Other Tales of Horror - Bram Stoker
62. Under the Sunset - Bram Stoker
63. Nutcracker and Mouse King - E.T.A. Hoffman
64. A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
65. The Chimes - Charles Dickens
66. The Tale of the Nutcracker - Alexandre Dumas



Ugh. I'm super tired. I've been sick and in bed for the last few days. Hello power of the laptop and not caring about picture quality. I see you lifted your ugly head while I was in the land of blah.

Still sick, but definitely on the mend (yay) and hopefully better pictured sims in exotic locations soon. Also dammit, why did I have to get sick at submission time for pixel_trade? I only managed to get in my TS2's and I really wanted to work on some TS3's for the double month. *pouts*

Okay petty pouting time over. I hope everyone is doing well. *goes to catch up on journals*

Alien Pollination - Phase 2

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Let's see if LJ lets this one go through. *shakes tiny fist of rage at LJ hackers*

Featuring Sims by:

charterzard, ayachan072, alfredaskew, simsarenotfood, simsforaranya, sneebsey X2, engram_au, smustleparty, jens_sims, olivethegreat, astro_cake, racetrackd, bondchick_nett, failhappens, pixelcurious, courtney_shea & rocking_kitty

No one is using the CC they came in so some aliens may appear less awesome than they should. My apologies.

These pictures are criminally bad. If spotted please report them to the not-even-trying-police - 27jpegsCollapse )

Westhaven - Week 1

Hood Family Next Family: Vanessa (mine), Potion quellasims, Kingston javabean_dreams Milky Way (Cat) maranatah
Appearances/Cameos: pixelcurious, will_o_whisper, tiipiipii, pinkberet, fantasyrogue, jesstheex, nentarisims, eleme, goldencell, upendoaushi, madame_ugly, the_caaah, olivethegreat, music_simbol

1.3 Best in Show: Spend ALL of your households funds on landscaping/gardening with the aim to have the greatest garden in Sim history. If you have Seasons, apply for Garden Club Membership.

Warnings: Pantlessness and woohoo. The Path to True Love is Sometimes Littered With Rejections...70jpegsCollapse )

Westhaven - Week 1

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This time it's the Delgado's!

Family: Sabrina (mine), Aramil dragancaor, Nemo dorkasaur_sims (heir) and pooch McGee hiddenkitten
Moochers: Tamara katu_sims, Haggis laridian, Violet dreamaboutgold, Romeo madame_ugly, Sorcha sounseelie and their pooch Lime gheez.

With appearances/cameo's by: juri_anne, engram_au, pinkberet, sixamsims, pnkpnthr334, debearrr_x and olivethegreat

I rolled challenge 5.1 Moochers:Oh dear, word of your generosity has spread, and people are moving in left and right. The number of people in your household will expand to 8. You may move in friends, family members or fresh CAS sims. None of them are allowed to have a job. All moochers have to be adults or elders. And will never move out again, unless they're in an urn.*

Warnings: Naked bum, woohoo and babies. Also trying out LJ scrapbook for the first time.

Come on a magical carpet ride...made of babies!!! 140 jpegsCollapse )

Sim Secret Post 170

I just saw it and *squee* Happy Flails! Some of my sims were included in the love secret for pixel_trade's Person Below Me Alien Edition. That's the first time I've ever had a sim mentioned so super stoked!

Number 50. Thank you whoever you were sim secret maker for including some of my sims. That just makes my day 150% better. :D

*happy dance*



I just got a notification on my mediafire account that my sim file 'BulletsNoCC" has been removed after Universal Music filed a complaint against it for being in copyright violation of their music.

Bullets. You know the violinist sims from the Person Below Me. That I expressly didn't rar or anything so all her sim pack-y goodness was just hanging out there. *pinches brow* I'm really glad that the music drones are programed to recognize this new form of internet piracy, smuggling music inside of sims! Yes, this is a danger that has been plaguing the internets for too long!

I've never had a file pulled for copyright violation, so I spent a nice half hour explaining in massive detail exactly what a sims2.pack was, what the sims 2 are, the meaning behind the naming of the file, what the meaning behind Bullets name was, EA's own exchange policies and allowances and oh yeah, how a sims2.pack isn't a form of music and doesn't work if you don't have, you know, the Sims 2.

Well that makes me paranoid and totally not want to share sims anymore. Sitting on my hands not sharing sims anymore in case I'm in some weird flagged-by-Universal-Music-for-music-infringement-limbo where they are watching my cleverly disguised Razzle, waiting for her to really be 'Rock Me Like a Hurricane' and then they win! They win!!!.

Day 2: Waiting to hear back from them still.

The Person Below Me - On My Planet...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My final hurrah for pixel_trade's Person Below Me - Alien Edition. :D

courtney_shea requested: TPBM should create a teenage alien who has come to take over the sim!world with her own race's genetics. She has a very seductive look with light colored eyes and any colorful skin and loads of neon hair.

And this is my attempt using TS3. <.<

Sims come in two versions. One is completely base game compatible, traits, hair, clothes and no sliders. Two is still base game compatible in traits, hair and clothes, but contains ear sliders by CmarNYC. I have all three expansions and am patched through 6.2.

Feel free to change hair/eye/skin color, gender, age, names, traits, likes, signs. Kill them off, shove them in town and laugh at their exploits in story progression and so forth. It's all good.

On My Planet I have to beat people off with a stick just to get a bagel...Collapse )
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

courtney_shea Brief: TPBM should create a teenage alien who has come to take over the sim!world with her own race's genetics. She has a very seductive look with light colored eyes and any colorful skin and loads of neon hair.

Who wears hats in a world full of Mary Sues?Collapse )
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

jens_sims asked: Brief: The person below me will make a male alien sim who is a real ladies man. He'll have a very pretty-boyish look with long hair and pouty lips and dress very stylishly.

bondchick_nett asked: The person below me will make an intergalactic rock star, who has 'human' coloured skin and eyes but tries to hide it with makeup and clothes as much as possible to maintain their rock star cred. They're known for they're cheesy grin and slightly pointed ears as if they could almost be an elf if you squinted hard...

The Angel and the GunnCollapse )
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For pixel_trade's Person Below Me - Alien Edition

jens_sims brief: The person below me will make a male alien sim who is a real ladies man. He'll have a very pretty-boyish look with long hair and pouty lips and dress very stylishly.

Pretty? Men Ahead!Collapse )
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks to pixelcurious & madame_ugly I think I got the ears right finally. So this is the supplemental (correct) version of my entry.

Brief by bondchick_nett: The person below me will make an intergalactic rock star, who has 'human' coloured skin and eyes but tries to hide it with makeup and clothes as much as possible to maintain their rock star cred. They're known for they're cheesy grin and slightly pointed ears as if they could almost be an elf if you squinted hard...

So hopefully better...?

The Band Grows - The Ivory Tickler and the StrummerCollapse )

The Person Below Me - Alien Sessions

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Okay so this was my attempt at my brief:

bondchick_nett wrote: he person below me will make an intergalactic rock star, who has 'human' coloured skin and eyes but tries to hide it with makeup and clothes as much as possible to maintain their rock star cred. They're known for they're cheesy grin and slightly pointed ears as if they could almost be an elf if you squinted hard...

I tried four times but I couldn't get 'barely there' elf ears. Does that take special templates or insane amounts of breeding? I don't have any template replacements so all I can get is short and skinny or large and visible from space for elfies. <.< So yeah if you want one of them and would like to murder the ears off them, that's totally cool.

Meet the Band - Valhalla DriveCollapse )

Oh Sims...

I've been playing my prosperity and I'm watching one of my heirs happily engaging in a polyamorous relationship with his wife and mistress.

A relationship both women are aware of and has been going on since college.

WTF Sims? I'm sure this is a glitch, but all I could think was this is the same sim that can't manage to go to the bathroom on his own, but he can sustain two loving relationships and it's not just woohoo or booty calls.


Yeah. Just yeah. I love you ACR, but you're crazy.

Westhaven - Week 1

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Barksdale Family -

Flock (mine), Ernest tehlobster, Indigo daisywenham, his son Jellyfish lastj & the family dog Douglas boolpropbea.

Appearances by:

Teaser Pic: Josie leenyland, Grayson aijux
Others: Sherlock sixamsims, Flemeth will_o_whisper, Roxana erykahfairy, Keiran tinykat, Calais fantasyrogue, Wylie goldencell, Porridge sea_serpent, Cheshire nentarisims, Haggis laridian, & Lei bbyclawz
Pets: Callisto pnkpnthr334

This is going to be a minimal dialog/mostly pic spam post. I've been so caught up in playing and I seriously have been not feeling chatty lately.

4.6 I Forgot My Keys! Your sims are locked out of their own house for a week while the entire city's locksmiths are on strike. You're allowed to purchase two tents maximum in addition to anything else you may have outside the house already, but nothing else. You're allowed to keep your infants/toddlers 'in the shed' with one fridge to avoid having them taken by the social worker - no other sim may eat from the fridge, however.

More text before the cut than inside it - 62jpegsCollapse )

Westhaven Prosperity - Generation 2 Pets

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I need to change out the pets available in game (to stop my playables from buying pet registry duplicates at the pet shop when I'm not controlling them X_X) so you guys get the pets before the actual updates...

Or you can not click the link until I've finished putting up Week One? Whatever. It's all good right? Right. Model with the kitten in the banner is mikelisryker's Casey.

Pet Spawn from: Douglas boolpropbea, Callisto pnkpnthr334, McGee hidden_kitten, Mojito madame_ugly, Milky Way maranatah, Rorshach madame_ugly, Pilot alfredaskew, Phoenix brilliantcat, Starrybob strange_tomato, Shayla aka Shitty hidden_kitten, Ghost fantasyrogue, Sea sadieg79, Lime gheez & Doboxerman hidden_kitten.

23 Pets - 5 L.Dogs (one clone), 4 S.Dogs, 15 CatsCollapse )
My best friend has to put her cat down today. I've known her and her cat for eleven years. She was a great, spastic, she-hell-bitch mousing fiend. And a cuddle muffin. And just a damn good cat.

Even when she'd wake me up on visits to give me a mouse she'd hunted 'specially for me.

I'll miss you Dudley.

pixel_trade Pet Breeding Challenge

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With pets by: madame_ugly, pnkpnthr334, gheez, hidden_kitten, skittlebox, fantasyrogue & bondchick_nett

Notes: Please feel free to change their names and genders for your own purposes. Make large dogs small and vice versa, turn them into strays, adopt them, make them elderly. Basically anything pro-animal is aces with me.

The no-duh's: Please don't put them up on the exchange or claim they are yours. Which is a no-brainer.

Character Creation pics for the win!Collapse )

Westhaven - The Introduction

Westhaven - A pixel_trade Themed Prosperity

22 Sims and 6 Pets PT'ers spread across six families. Four elders by me as it's a waste to use pixel_trade peeps for elderly fodder since each PT used is a precious resource.

Sim Founders By: tehlobster, daisywenham, lastj, dragancaor, dorkasaur_sims, quellasims, javabean_dreams, upendoaushi, jenji_sims, simtasia, shelbster93, keoni_chan, lil_pixiedevil, smart_spell, simsarenotfood, mikelisryker, chitown_gal and bondchick_nett.

Pet Founders by: boolpropbea, hidden_kitten, maranatah, alfredaskew, strange_tomato & fantasyrogue.

Meet the Families - Barksdale, Delgado, Hood, McKnight, Thornton & Sparks - Now with a pretty lame plot synopsis for the first weeks worth of challenges.Collapse )

This is a 'played-mostly-by-the-rules' prosperity (here) with a couple of house rules and filtered through the additional rules of the pixel_trade community. So it follows almost all the rules of a regular prosperity though I do have my own twists.

House Rules & Pixel_Trade Supplemental RulesCollapse )

This part is for me so that when I ask myself, "Self. Did you already use sims by X creator?" I can take a quick look here and go. "Yes, yes I did me." And you know, so I can stop stopping myself from grabbing Y creator because I keep thinking I already took one of their sims. *sheepish grin*

Sim Townies By:

madame_ugly, sounseelie, katu_sims, dreamaboutgold, laridian, erykahfairy, sixamsims, goldencell, juri_anne, pnkpnthr334, lintelsoups, cosmetical, syrenslure, eleme, charterzard, nekotaz, courtney_shea, pinkposeysims, xie_belle, inkstaind_stars, eien_herrison, iceraptoress, freudroid, pebblefish, oannapantso, nentarisims, trappingit, pixelcurious, smustleparty, skittlebox, tinykat, olivethegreat, fivesims, rocking_kitty, debearrr_x, snapun, simsforaranya, frankscrank, bbyclawz, alfredaskew, kezwick, gotnerd, jens_sims, kizzy_sims, cindrasims, foreverred, maranatah, kejserligt, fantasyrogue, chloriinated, boolpropbea, prettypalisades, sjoisan, loligirlblack, radiationpoison, simtarts, elecy, lizbeth120, iolesims, dazzlingdespair, elocinyelhsa, todachios, paperposies, xbeccyx, voleste, mjspice, kuunce, maytesims, potential_fate, runningbee, thinkxpink, needlecream, rhiannon_alexis, amaryssobellus, will_o_whisper, dark_moon689, jesstheex, rosalen_knight, laurenpuppetpal, aijux, slyndsey, leenyland, stakeit_uk, tehhilz, simmericangirl, simtopi, cuddlesgirl, quinctia, telectroscope, tiipiipii, engram_au, pinkberet, limeyyyz, simpurity, simppl_life, simgarooop, raemia, pennysims, gheez, sea_serpent, beachwee, linear_flower, the_caaah, steezie_k, hidden_kitten, kathsy, anuvi, enjoyingmypain, moonerz, brilliantcat, spyroeldragon, music_simbol, xel_squirgle_ox, dothesmustle, rustyrosesims, swampyclouds, e0625, chitina_sims, simnels, sneebsey, failhappens, racetrackd, thiziz, kizzy_sims

Sim Pets By:

boolpropbea, gheez, hidden_kitten, maranatah, alfredaskew, strange_tomato, fantasyrogue, sadieg79, bondchick_nett, pnkpnthr334, madame_ugly, brilliantcat, just_jasper, skittlebox, teffielynne, needlecream, mjo5oh, scarred_id, pennysims

Kjalarr - Last Call

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

23 Spares from my Kjalarr Viking Death Squad Legacy. These are the offshoot kids like Ask's son Gestr's six kids, Alta and Ymir's brood and the Gen 3 spares kids. All kids come packaged base game and without any fancy skins/eyes. To be on the safe side please always use clean installer.

With Genetic contributions by: Luke jenji_sims, Anya lil_pixiedevil, Saturn brilliantcat, Claude and Leon dorkasaur_sims, Imma simtasia, Delphina pinkposeysims, Polaris engram_au & Mars simtopi

This is the end of the line...Collapse )

I see you baby...

shaking that sim.

I've finished reinstalling the game (when the maxis stuff starts flashing broken blue, it's an ugly ugly time). I've put in empty hoods. I've overhauled my CC folder and streamlined it. I've rolled the dice. I've assigned genders/age states and last names.

My next prosperity is almost ready to be started! Now all I have to do is wade through the hundreds of PT's and whittle my list down to the 22 sims I get to start with. *does little dance* And then stuff this empty hood full of other PT sims.

I'm going to try and follow all the Prosperity rules while also abiding by pixel_trade rules. I think the only fudging I'm going to do is that the four elders I rolled will be my own sims. Because it's a waste of a PT'er using them for someone that's going to die relatively quickly/can't breed. So they'll be "founders" or just hand waving sims. Pay no attention to the old man in the corner.


Simmish Things:

Finished up my founders for February pixel_trade founders submission. Pleased with all three of them (1 TS2, 2 TS3) since I was going for something I don't usually make/certain themes.

Have extracted the last children from my dying PT hood. I need to take some crappy creation page pictures and then the last of the Kjalarr children will be put up. You know all the spares kids that I hadn't bothered to age up or take pictures of before. Some of the kids are "interesting".

Speaking of interesting kids, several of my Cloudfreak's and Suntoes' got downloaded. That made me super excited. Getting a comment is awesome, but being able to see that a couple of people liked a sim enough to download it, that's great. :D None of the Groovenik's were taken, but honestly, they were kind of rocking a weird shoe face thing. Um, yeah. <.<

I'm in the process of reinstalling clean hoods so that I can make a new PT Hood that I will name Westhaven (recycling old hood names for the unimaginative!win). I'm planning on trying another PT Prosperity (this time I'll roll weekly challenges for each individual family) and another PT legacy (no challenges, though I'm probably going to mix Matchmaker-for-One [courtesy of laridian] rules with that challenge where you're trying to make your founder happy by fulfilling only their wants).

Why no, no I'm not planning on doing both those just so I can have four sims from each creator at PT since I could arguably have that many between two separate challenges...that would be wrong! *shifty eyes*

My husband gave me Sims 3 Late Night for Valentine's Day/Our Half-Versary. I'm interested in playing it again, but I don't have a lot of free time so for now I'm just enjoying making sims with the new sliders. Though if I do free up a bit, I think I'll do a Queen Bee for it. That's fast and enjoyable.

"Real Life" or the TMI Section:

Which leads nicely into life talk. Or my life talking as opposed to my sims. Husband and I are in this weird place right now. On the one hand if I happen to get pregnant right around now we're not too stressed out about it, but on the other hand we're also not actively trying since this year I get to have my wisdom's removed.

My joy. Let me show it to you. >.<

Since my family has a long detailed history of just about every kind of female naughty bit cancer this will be our only kid. Afterward I'll more than likely just get everything taken out since the further I get into my 30s (I'll be thirty-one this year) the higher my chances are of getting cervical cancer (it's almost a guarantee I will get that one with a high chance of breast too though usually that one strikes the women in my family in their fifties).

So yeah. That's a whole different kind of stress. But hey, as G.I. Joe has taught me, "Knowing is half the battle!" How G.I. Joe pertains to this situation or my cervix? Eh, a minor and easily ignored detail.
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Here are the last of the Prosperity babies. Seventeen Suntoes, five combos of parenthood. All Sims are packaged CC Free except for Rudolph who has his skin. Please use clean installer regardless as it's better to be safe than have annoying eyebrow doom. Also I'm pretty sure I got it right, but Vasco and Tiago might be mislabeled and Francisco and Manuel. <.<

With genetic contributions by: Octavia dark_moon689, Flynn Minion telectroscope, Harrison goldencell, Robert hjsnapepm, Ash eleme, Juniper rhiannon_alexis & Leon dorkasaur_sims

The Flynn is strong in them...Collapse )


I'm trying to make my first Multi-PT for when I set up my new pixel_trade hood and yeah. I don't know why, but whenever it comes to something that could blow my game up my learning curve is somewhere near ditch level. Even following a pictured tutorial.


*waves flag*

Cloudfreaks and Grooveniks

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kidlets from my pixel_trade prosperity. Part One the Grooveniks and any children not by one of the originals affectionately named Cloudfreaks. Sims come packed without CC and in Base Game clothes and hair.

Featuring spawn combos by the likes of Romeo madame_ugly, Maia bondchick_nett, Theo jens_sims, Tamarind amaryssobellus, Dodie needlecream, Clancy simtopi, Norma jens_sims, Flynn Minion telectroscope, Bruno nentarisims, Tatum madame_ugly & Jake fivesims.

14 Spawn - Neatly Packaged Without CCCollapse )

You ever...

Manage to accidentally delete your back ups?

Yeah. I did. Luckily I still had my pixel_trade hood installed in my Sims 2 game so it was saved, but I lost all my Sims 3 stuff and all my saves/swapped out neighborhoods. <.< So I have been working on a custom super duper not-following-many-of-the-rules uber home brewed prosperity and not worrying about posting (this might have something to do with the fact that I can't remember where my pixel_trade prosperity is at in game...but I'm going to deny that).

I hope things have been going well for all of you.

Edit: Nope, never mind my PT hood is corrupted as well. *headdesk* Why am I a noob?!

But hey an excuse to start a new PT hood isn't so bad right?! Right!

100 Books In A Year

I know keeping track at the tail end of September seems pointless, but eh, I felt like it. And that's what matters the most right? Right.

Rules and Guidelines:
1. Read 100 books or more in 2010.
2. Keep track of how many I read.
3. First time reads only.
4. Leave entry public. If you want to recommend any of your favorites to me, please do so in the comments.

01. Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Jules Verne unabridged
02. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Jules Verne unabridged
03. Around the World in 80 Days - Jules Verne unabridged
04. The Castle of Otranto - Horace Walpole unabridged
05. Vathek - William Beckford unabridged
06. Nightmare Abbey - Thomas Love Peacock unabridged
07. In a Glass Darkly - Sheridan Le Fanu unabridged
08. The Prisoner of Zenda - Anthony Hope unabridged
09. The Mystery of the Yellow Room - Gaston Leroux unabridged
10. Rupert of Hentzau - Anthony Hope unabridged
10a - The Vampyre - John Polidori unabridged (27 pages cannot a novella be named)
11. The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux
12. The Crimson Blind & Other Stories - H. D. Everett
You know, no matter how much fun I may have with traits and how used to pudding I'm getting Sims 3 never stops with the epic fail. Attempted to install in the new world 'barnacle bay' today and after updating my game (taking all the regular precautions of removing saves, disabling custom content and pulling my downloads/mods) I managed to make my 'base game incompatible with my expansions' and now it's unplayable.

Fuck you EA. Fuck you and your fucking bizarre delight in fucking over people using your own store and wanting to use your products the way you yourself have set them up.

This bullshit is why I don't bother to play Sims 3 all that often. What's the point when the next time it needs to be patched for ANYTHING it's got to break on me first. At least the 'points' I spent were from having bought the expansions and not actually paying for any. That doesn't make me feel much better, but it's something.

Rage EA. You just cemented my resolve to not pick up your next expansion pack until well after the holidays if at all. It's not worth it with the amount of fucking hoops I have to jump through just to enjoy a game I own.


pixel_trade Game: Ugry Ugries

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sims by: katu_sims, cuddlesgirl, simtasia, needlecream, engram_au, smustleparty, amaryssobellus, chitown_gal, fivesims, keoni_chan, iceraptoress, dark_moon689, shelbster93, daisywenham, bondchick_nett, gheez & lil_pixiedevil.

All children are now up for download. Woot! Files are a little on the big side for No CC roughly 1.25mb's per. I don't know why, but if I did something wrong please let me know and I'll try the tutorial again. As always use clean installer to be on the safe side. :D

I was lucky. I didn't get the nose, but I got the jaws man. I got the jaws.Collapse )

Cloudfreak Prosperity - Suntoes Week One

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The second and final starting family in my pixel_trade prosperity. Meet the Suntoes! The first week's challenge being the same for all households I got: 1.1 Uncontrollable Urges: designate one sim (and only one) that you can control for a sim week. All other sims cannot be checked on/controlled at any time for the duration of that week - not even to give them makeovers.


Our Adult: Octavia Suntoes dark_moon689 - Family/Popularity LTW: Graduate 3kids from College Taurus who likes gentlemen with beards and employment, but not if they have black hair.
And her adopted children.

Teenager: Ash eleme - Pleasure/Romance LTW: Gamer Pisces who likes blondes and make up, but not cologne.
Child: Asili shelbster93 - Knowledge/Romance (pre-rolled) LTW:?? Taurus


The Claudio dorkasaur_sims
Flynn telectroscope

Owner of a lonely heart seeking eye of the tiger or something like that - 80jpegsCollapse )

Cloudfreak Prosperity - Groovenik Week One

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My pixel_trade Prosperity. With the demise of my VDS I had a great town, full of PT'ers and nothing to do with it. So I decided to finally start up my prosperity. :D Also I'm using the mini-challenges though I freely admit I bend the rules where pixel death is concerned since this is first and foremost a prosperity.

Week One - 1.1 Uncontrollable Urges: designate one sim (and only one) that you can control for a sim week. All other sims cannot be checked on/controlled at any time for the duration of that week - not even to give them makeovers.

Romeo Groovenik madame_ugly - Romance/Family LTW: Woohoo 20 Different Sims. Romeo is a Capricorn who loves unemployed women who aren't afraid of make up, as long as they're not sporting beards.

Rae telectroscope
Octavia dark_moon689
Maia bondchick_nett
Tamarind amaryssobellus
Norma pinkposeysims

Warnings: Gratuitous pixel sex, underwear, a reprehensible man and insanity.

A Romeo Searches for his Juliet or the Next Best Thing - 80jpegsCollapse )
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The Last Viking Death Squad update! Then I switch to the new legacy title.


Sleggja - 4th Generation Torch Holder
Blondie - 3rd Generation Ex-TH
Kara jenji_sims - 3rd Generation Spouse
Zan gheez - 2nd Generation Spouse
Bruce Brana, Bruce Yggr & Valdi - Blondie and Kara's children

Guest appearances by: Owen simtasia, Gizor bondchick_nett and Cambia simmytizzy

In This Update the Family Dynamic Drastically Shifts - 65jpegsCollapse )

Random Simish Project Things

Finally putting together my pixel_trade Prosperity families. I spent about four hours dithering over member sims since I managed to roll two families with a total of fours sims. PICKING ONLY FOUR SIMS IS HARD! Though once I got them chosen I fell in love with both families.

Also have vague plans of doing a 'Lion's Pride' (my hubris laden male version of a queen bee because I think I'm special) for Sims 3 to help with my overwhelming hardbottle-taclawse-nabakov issue by injecting dozens of my own 'sims' for spares. It's hard to play my VDS when I know there are two sets of second cousins making googly eyes and roughly 80% of the town is related through blood or marriage. 0.o

I also need to update my VDS since I have two updates. I'll have to go back to handcropping since my copy of Photoshop is sinking. I've used various incarnations of that damn program for over ten years. I've made batch actions for five or six and only when I started my damn VDS for TS3 did it suddenly forget how to batch convert. So frustrating.

Oh and I have to update my Westhaven so-loosely-a-superhero-prosperity-it's-not-really since I have the entirety of the fourth round played. So much simming so much lazy ass.

A VDSLegacy - Devon's Spawn

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Part III of the Hardbottle-Taclawse-Nabakov dynasty. 20 Generation three to five descendants of Barri, Hyrja and Torfa's non-heir children.

Barri, Hyrja and Torfa are the children of Cambia simmytizzy & Devon engram_au.
Barri married Pixie frabbit.
Hyrja married Garth sixamsims.
Torfa married Zan gheez.

The sims are in both .sim and sims3packs. I have Base Game, World Adventures & Ambitions and am patched to 1.14. Born in game, shouldn't have any CC and no sliders. All sims packaged as YA's. Not all of them have five traits. Just add your own preference or substitute if they have a trait from an expansion you don't. Cheers!

The secret of Fem-Zan is now revealed!Collapse )

A VDSLegacy - Victor's Kids

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Part II of the Hardbottle, I mean Taclawse, er, Nabakov's...
Most of these guys are actual Hardbottle's. Nott and Helga's kids don't tend to get married.

Nineteen more TS3 Sims these are sims descended from the union of Cambia simmytizzy the Viking Death Squad founder and my own Victor who made these kids ineligible for heirs. Also included are Gunnar Hardbottle's half-sister and her half-brother also from a simmytizzy sim Edith.

The sims are in both .sim and sims3packs. I have Base Game, World Adventures & Ambitions and am patched to 1.14. Born in game, shouldn't have any CC and no sliders. All sims packaged as YA's. Not all of them have five traits. Just add your own preference pr substitute if they have a trait from an expansion you don't. I'll update as they grow up and more traits are picked by the game. :D

Family Trees Are Easiest When No One Wants to BreedCollapse )
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All the Sims should be base game only for clothing/hair. No sliders. Glumra has a ridiculously large file and try as I might I couldn't find whatever sneaky bit of extra content snuck in with her. :( I have the base game, World Adventures and Ambitions. Some ambitions traits might be on the sim. Some sims (such as Gen 05) don't have all their traits as I haven't played them to YA in game yet. Please feel free to add your own. Ditto for traits you don't have due to expansion.

Planned download Post 1 of 3. I'm extracting/packaging all the extraneous children as well. The plan is two more posts. One for Victor's Kids (Nott, Bestla & Helga's extended family trees) and The Devon Spawn (Barri, Hyrja & Torfa's non-heir descendants).

Sims packed as Sims3.packs & .sim files. I'll put up .sim files later today or tomorrow. Cheers! :D Also I'm going to continue the legacy. I have to fix my photoshop first so it stops being a bitch about my batch actions so that I can post without having to hand crop my pics because I'm incredibly lazy.

Now with a handy text guide to the main legacy family treeCollapse )
Today was/is my 2nd wedding anniversary. Just got back from the Point Defiance Zoo where I died about fifty times from the cuteness of the brand new baby tigers. There were also cloud leopards. Then I had lunch. Now off for more activities.

I plan on uploading at least the pictures later for anyone interested. :D


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